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New Elements in the Exhibition Area Lead Traders to Explore New Business Opportunities

The 24th Macao International Trade & Investment Fair (24th Fair) and the 2019 Portuguese Speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) (2019PLPEX) introduced multiple pavilions this year and optimised the combination of “experience and matching”, so as to enhance regional exchanges and co-operation, and assist enterprises in exploring business opportunities.

This year’s MIF introduced the Cross-Border New Retail Pavilion, the Innotech and Startups Zone, and the Brazilian Products Pavilion. The Cross-Border New Retail Pavilion displayed and promoted the cross-border new retail model, while linking new business opportunities. According to Mr Ma, an exhibitor from the Cross-Border New Retail Pavilion, the MIF helped cross-border e-commerce upgrade from “1.0” to “2.0” and optimised the one-stop door-to-door service of local SMEs, from virtual product registration to sales, in addition to overseas settlement. Meanwhile, the MIF facilitated the introduction of the products of Portuguese-speaking countries and Macao into Mainland China, especially the cities in the Greater Bay Area, through emerging channels.

The Innotech and Startups Zone was the upgraded version of the Smart Zone introduced last year. It mainly showcased award-winning innovation projects and science and technology innovation products and services, covering smart farming systems, refrigeration techniques, smart homes, innovation projects, and smart services (sales, catering, parking, smart consumption and smart payments). Mr Ieong, an exhibitor of the Innotech and Startups zone, remarked that the intelligent robots he displayed attracted many traders from Portuguese-speaking countries, which was conducive to the exploration of new markets for the products. During the fair, Mr Ieong’s company signed a strategic co-operation agreement with a technology company from Shanghai which will assist Mr. Ieong’s company in developing the interface in Portuguese and exploring the markets in Portuguese-speaking countries.

The Brazilian Products Pavilion features Brazilian propolis, milk, cheese, coffee, fruit, chocolate, food and beverages. Moreover, Brazilian cultural performances and food experience activities were also held during the fair. Mr Rodrigo Affonso Soares Pereira, an exhibitor from the Brazilian Products Pavilion, noted that many traders approached them about business collaborations during the fair and they learned that honey, propolis and many other Brazilian products could have a huge market in China. They expressed their hope for more co-operation with enterprises in China in the future.

This year’s MIF continued to focus on the development opportunities in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, equipped with the Guangzhou Pavilion, the Shenzhen Pavilion, the Zhuhai Pavilion, the Zhongshan Pavilion, and the Foshan Pavilion. In addition, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Service Area was also set up to open detailed information of its services and investment policies, including the facilitation services for commercial registration in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area, Guangdong Pass, cross-border financial services, one-stop business registration service, and one-stop business recordation receipt registration service for foreign capital, in order to provide local residents who invest, work, study or live in Guangdong with necessary assistance and legal services.

This year’s PLPEX set up the China-Portuguese-Speaking Countries Cooperation Retrospective Exhibition for the first time to exhibit the work carried out, completed, and planned by the Committee for Development from 2016 to 2019 in line with a series of measures and action plans proposed by the Central Government during the 5th Ministerial Conference of the Forum for Economic and Trade Co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries (Macao). Ms Chan, who participated in the fair, pointed out that as a Commercial and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, Macao can effectively promote the cultural exchanges and trade co-operation, and that institutes in Macao should take active part in creating more possibilities for all parties.

Ms Jia, an exhibitor in the PLPEX exhibition area, said that the Portuguese-speaking Countries Wine and Food Business Matching Seminar held on the first day was bustling, attracting a great number of traders to acquaint themselves with the exhibits. She was confident to increase the public’s knowledge of Portuguese wine through this platform and open up a broader market. She expected to partake in the fair in the years to come to publicise Portuguese wine. Ms Lau, another exhibitor, noted that it was her first time participating in the fair. She hoped to leverage the Belt and Road Initiative and seek business opportunities through the fair, thus strengthening the exchanges and co-operation with traders and enterprises worldwide.

The Innotech and Startups Zone presents award-winning innovative projects, and demonstrates science and technology innovation products and services

The Portuguese-speaking Countries Wine and Food Business Matching Seminar during the PLPEX is bustling