Overview of Macao

Basic Information about Macao

– Macao is located on the south-eastern coast of China, along the west bank of the Pearl River estuary. It is 60km and 145km away from Hong Kong and Guangzhou respectively.

– It covers a total area of 30.3 square kilometres, comprising of the Macao peninsular as well as two outlying islands namely Taipa and Coloane.

– As at the end of June 2016, the total population stood at 652,500, with a composition mainly of Chinese, Portuguese and other nationalities making up of around 7.7% of the total population.

– The official language is Chinese and Portuguese, with Cantonese being the language in daily use. English is also widely used in the business, tourism and commercial sectors.

– It is located in the south-east monsoonal region with a hot and wet summer, sunny, dry autumn and cool winter with little rain.

– Sophisticated infrastructure facilities provide convenient sea, land and air transportation networks. Telecommunications and Internet provides easy networking.

– Macao’s standard of public health care is comparable to that of developed countries and regions. The government provides a primary health care system which meets European public health standards.

– There is a labour force of 397,800 and a working population of 390,400, with an unemployment rate of 1.9% recorded for the second quarter of 2016.

Source: Macao Statistics and Census Services

About Macao (2016)
30.5 sq. km
Official Languages
Chinese and Portuguese (English is also widely spoken)
MOP358,2 billion (approx. US$ 45 billion)
GDP per capita
MOP 554,619 (approx. US$ 69.327)
Foreign Direct Investment (2015)
MOP 5.1 billion (approx. US$ 600 million)
Visitor Arrivals
Exports (goods & services)
MOP 271.3 billion (approx. US$ 33.9 billion)
Imports (goods & services)
MOP 124.1 billion (approx. US$ 15.5 billion)
Newly Formed Companies