Owing to the energetic support from the Chinese Central Government, Macao is striving to become a “service platform for business and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, focusing on the construction of “Three Centers”, namely a “food products distribution center for Portuguese-speaking Countries”, a “convention and exhibition center for economic and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries” and “a business service center for Small and Medium Enterprises from China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, making use of its special advantages to consolidate the functions as a co-operation platform between China and Portuguese-speaking countries and push forward the moderate economic diversification of Macao.
Since the 1st Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) in 1996, the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM) has actively invited the Portuguese-speaking countries to participate in the event every year. With the strong support of these countries, the number of their enterprises taking part in MIF has been increasing continuously. In 2014, the 19th MIF introduced, for the first time, the Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Pavilion and related elements. The 20th MIF in 2015 set up, also for the first time, the “Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition” in the form of “exhibition within an exhibition”. And based on the experience in the past two years, the 2017 Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macao) (“2017 PLPEX”) will be held as an independent event from 19th to 21st October 2017, concurrently with the 22nd MIF.
Exhibition contents:


Exhibition Area of Governments / Trade Promotion Organisations and Trade Associations
Trade Promotion Organisations
Trade Associations
Exhibition Area of Food and Beverage
Frozen Seafood Products
Wine and Spirit Trading
Meat and Dairy Products
Healthy and Nutritious Food
Exhibition Area of Non-Food and Beverage
Fashion Brand and Accessories
Exhibition Area of Service
Business consultancy
Information Technology

SME Service Corner for China and Portuguese-speaking Countries
Seminars related to Portuguese-speaking countries
Fashion Charms of Portuguese-speaking Countries
Exhibition of Characteristic Culture of Portuguese-speaking Countries
Experience of Foods from Portuguese-speaking Countries

To continuously strengthen Macao’s role as a platform for economic and trade co-operation between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries, the 2017 PLPEX continues to offer incentive schemes enabling the enterprises from food product industry and other industries of Portuguese-speaking countries to fully utilise the channel and platform of Macao to explore business opportunities and invigorate the role of “going global”to explore market and “bringing in investment”.